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On Shipka | October 7, 2008

Shipka claims in his article, “Asking students to
imagine two or three ways of responding to a task helps to underscore the point that rhetorical
and material soundness is not about producing the perfect text (i.e., one that works equally
well for every audience or in every context), but about being willing and flexible enough to
think beyond, or to think in addition to, the repertoire of choices one eventually commits to as
deadlines approach and texts are due.”

In response to this, wouldn’t many students instead of trying to explore different multi-genre modes rather try to figure which will be most compatible with their strengths when considering deadlines?

In response to Dan’s press package project: Since his goal was to entertain listeners about the the OED subject, doesn’t this contradict the idea of rigorous academic point-making?

Doesn’t this just contribute to the notion that multi-modal composition reflects the “playing” of students in multi-genre academics?


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