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Mediation and Remediation | November 4, 2008

In another installment of the Bolter and Grusin article, they make the bold claim to compare high new media as seen in avenues such as MTV to high modernist art.  While MTV uses mediation/remediation/hypermediacy in order to create pure experience, can you analyze it under the lens of art if it’s just selling a product (corporate television for ratings)?

“No medium, it seems, can now
function independently and establish its own separate and purified
space of cultural meaning” (55)

Does culture necessarily play a part in media?

“Photography, film, and television have been constructed by
our culture to embody our cultural distinctions and make those distinctions
part of our reality; digital media follow in this tradition” (62)

While the traditional media were constructed by “culture,” can we necessarily say that digital media is the product of culture and not industry, capitalism, or something else?


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